About KOUNOU - A Coffee Dream
From the Yunnan Plateau

Adhering to the concept of “quality first, advocating nature, integration and innovation”, we are committed to bringing the most authentic Yunnan coffee to Japanese consumers

Company History

KOUNOU inc. established in 2022, is a Japanese company specializing in the import, roasting, sale and promotion of specialty coffee in Yunnan. Through the whole-process quality control from farm to Japan, we provide consumers with the best quality, fresh and diverse Yunnan coffee experience.


Dehong Yunchawo Coffee Co., Ltd. is founded. In the same year, the first coffee experimental planting area at an altitude of 1,350 meters is put into production.


The coffee experimental processing plant in Xiangtang New Village, Yunnan, is completed.


The founder travels to Ethiopia in search of high-quality coffee beans. In the same year, the "sweet sake processing method" is successfully developed, bringing Yunnan technology back to the birthplace of coffee.


The "High Altitude Plan" specialty coffee production plant is established, realizing the processing of coffee beans from rough to deep processing.


The Yunnan Coffee Estate is completed, bringing modern enterprise management to the fields.


Fitbean Coffee Shop opens and starts e-commerce business.


A coffee bean processing station is established in Myanmar to build a Southeast Asian coffee supply chain. In the same year, Kouna Co., Ltd. is established in Osaka, Japan.


KOUNOU-COFFEE coffee shop begins operations in the Higashi-Mikuni area of Osaka. The company starts supplying coffee beans to Japanese trading companies and specialty coffee shops.


KOUNOU-COFFEE products are launched on the Japanese Amazon platform, and the online shopping mall begins operations.