Discover the Mysteries of Yunnan Coffee
- A Magical Flavor Journey

Pure water, fertile soil and high altitude give birth to the excellent quality and diverse flavor of Yunnan coffee

KOUNOU understands that the quality of coffee is rooted in its place of origin. Therefore, we have established our own coffee plantations in Yunnan, experiencing the life cycle of coffee beans from planting to picking. We adhere to the concept of sustainable planting, advocating organic farming methods and minimizing the use of chemicals, allowing coffee trees to thrive in the most natural environment. When the coffee cherries are ripe, our pickers carefully pluck them, ensuring that only the plumpest and most mature fruits are selected.

The meticulously picked coffee cherries then enter our wet processing. This is a process of removing the skin and pulp, leaving only the coffee beans. At KOUNOU, we prefer “honey processing” and “sun-dried processing.” Honey processing maximizes the retention of the coffee beans’ sugar content, bringing a unique sweetness; sun-dried processing gives the coffee beans a richer layering. It is worth mentioning that we have also introduced the “sweet sake processing” technique, soaking the coffee beans in handcrafted sweet sake, adding a hint of rice wine aroma to the final coffee product.

The secret of flavor is also hidden in the roasting. Our roasting masters have years of experience, and they know the characteristics of each batch of coffee beans like the back of their hand. By adjusting the roasting time and temperature curve, they can maximize the potential of the coffee beans, whether it’s a light roast that blends floral and fruity aromas or a medium-dark roast with a chocolate flavor, they can perfectly achieve it. We have also introduced intelligent roasting equipment to monitor various data of the roasting process in real-time, ensuring the consistency of quality.

However, even the best coffee beans require the skillful hands of a barista to roast. KOUNOU’s barista team has almost impeccable requirements for coffee. From controlling the fineness of the grind to adjusting the water temperature and flow rate, to precisely controlling the extraction time, no detail is overlooked. Their passion and dedication to coffee are as deeply ingrained as their love for life.

The coffee beans of Yunnan carry the fragrance of this land. KOUNOU upholds craftsmanship and treats each step with a rigorous attitude, striving to present consumers with a cup of coffee filled with sincerity. Here, every sip is a gift from nature, and every drop condenses the wisdom of humanity.