KOUNOU Business: One-Stop Coffee Service From Yunnan Farm to Japanese Table

Focusing on the upstream and downstream of the coffee industry chain, we provide you with the best quality, fresh and diverse coffee experience

High-quality green beans, sourced from top coffee plantations in Yunnan

We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with several well-known coffee plantations in Yunnan. We carefully select the freshest and highest-quality coffee beans of the season and import them directly to Japan, ensuring that the original flavor and nutritional value of the coffee beans are preserved to the greatest extent. Our coffee beans come in a wide range of varieties, including Yunnan small-bean, Catimor, and Bourbon, each with its own characteristics, catering to the taste preferences of different consumers.

Private customization, coffee flavors exclusively for you

We have a team of experienced and skilled roasters who provide personalized coffee roasting services. Whether you prefer the light and fruity flavor of a light roast or the rich and nutty taste of a dark roast, we can tailor the most suitable roasting curve for you according to your taste preferences. We use the most advanced roasting equipment and technology, precisely controlling temperature and time to ensure that each batch of coffee beans achieves the best roasting effect, fully bringing out the unique flavors of the beans.

Multi-channel retail, quality coffee at your fingertips

Through various online and offline channels, we sell high-quality Yunnan coffee beans, freshly ground coffee, drip bag coffee, and other products to consumers throughout Japan. Online, we have an official web store and an Amazon flagship store, providing a convenient online shopping experience. Offline, we have established a store in Osaka where consumers can visit in person and experience the charm of Yunnan coffee. In addition, we also provide quality coffee bean supply services to major coffee shops, restaurants, offices, and other venues, making us a trusted coffee enterprise service provider.

Coffee shop operation, creating a Yunnan coffee culture experience space

Kouna Co., Ltd. has opened a specialty coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, providing local consumers with a high-quality and relaxing coffee culture experience space. Our coffee shop not only offers a variety of freshly roasted coffee beverages but also regularly holds coffee tasting events and coffee culture lectures, promoting the exchange of Chinese and Japanese coffee cultures. Through the platform of our coffee shop, we hope to let more Japanese consumers understand and appreciate Yunnan coffee, experiencing the unique charm of “From Farm to Japan.”