Kounou Coffee’s Market Activities Are Evolving! Join Us for Exceptional Coffee Experiences

Dear Coffee Enthusiasts,

Greetings to all! We are immensely grateful for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for Kounou Coffee.

Since March of this year, our outdoor coffee cart initiative has been a source of delight for patrons across various locations in Osaka Prefecture, including Hattori Ryokuchi Park, Ama Ruins Park, Fukahori Ryokuchi Park, Hanachuo Park, Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, Ogimachi Park, and Ikawai Shrine. These activities have allowed us to connect with many new friends and receive widespread acclaim for our offerings. Our iced Americano, rich iced latte, and meticulously hand-dripped coffees have all been met with enthusiastic approval from coffee aficionados. Furthermore, our home-roasted specialty coffee beans have found a fond place in many homes, shared and savored by families. We would like to express our gratitude for your valued patronage.

Starting in June, we are excited to expand and enhance our outdoor market presence. In addition to our traditional coffee carts, we will introduce mobile shops to offer an even broader array of coffee experiences. These will feature not only our freshly ground and brewed specialty coffees but also our pride—self-roasted beans, convenient drip coffee bags, and smooth cold brews. Whether you wish to savor a superb cup of coffee on-site or take your favorite beans home, our mobile shops and coffee carts will be at your service.

To keep you informed about our upcoming events, we will regularly update our official website, Facebook page, and Instagram account with details on dates and locations. We would be grateful if you could participate in our events and provide us with feedback, which is invaluable for enhancing our offerings and service quality.

As a specialty coffee brand deeply rooted in Osaka, Kounou Coffee is dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee. From selecting the finest beans to meticulous roasting, from expert brewing to considerate service, we uphold our philosophy of “From Farm to Japan”. These outdoor markets are more than just a place to enjoy great coffee—they are an opportunity to engage closely with our consumers, listen to your insights, and collectively celebrate the culture of coffee.

We look forward to meeting you this summer—Don’t miss out! Join us at our mobile shops and coffee carts for a truly immersive coffee experience.

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Warm regards, 

Kounou Coffee 

June 3, 2024